Alpha Therapeutics LLC Releases High-Grade Organic CBD Massage Oil

January 21, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Alpha Therapeutics LLC. has announced the release of its high-grade organic CBD massage oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp derivative that can produce a beneficial oil. The company is confident that the new, high-grade oil will prove to be advantageous for healthcare professionals and users alike who will not compromise on quality.

Alpha Therapeutics company is a pharmaceutical-grade CBD manufacturer based in Phoenix Arizona. CBD oil for medical purposes is obtained from the cannabis plant called hemp. Unlike many producers of CBD, Alpha Therapeutics only uses industrial hemp which has been imported and cleared by United States Customs. All its CBD oils are fully compliant with the requirements of Farm Bill 2014.

High-quality oil is necessary for a patient to be able to realize the specific physical benefits that a massage with CBD oil can provide. Most people have reported that the addition of CBD oil helps to alleviate tension and to lessen both acute and chronic pain. CBD oil is obviously absorbed through the skin and may help to lessen inflammation. Athletes, in particular, have said that CBD oil massage helps to lower injury recovery times as well as alleviating associated aches and pains without the use of drugs.

Kyle J. a football player said, “I’m in a very competitive field, obviously, and I just can’t afford excessive injury downtime. It’s easy to get gels or creams or pills to help with the pain but treating the symptoms like that does not help with the cause itself. I tried CBD massage oil and it helped with the pain, which I did not expect but it also helped the injury heal faster. Anything that helps me get back to being 100% faster is a real bonus.”

In addition to the physical, there are mental and emotional benefits to be had. Anxiety is a major problem for many nowadays and CBD oil has certainly helped many sufferers and should be considered by anyone leading an anxiety-ridden life. Today’s 21st-century existence is also a particularly stressful one. Again, those suffering from stress should investigate the benefits to be gained from CBD oil massage. Many users say its calming and soothing effects can be felt for hours afterward.

Joanna P. said, “The upside of my job is that it is very well paid, but the downside is that it is incredibly stressful. I didn’t care for the medication that was offered to me as I thought it would affect my functioning and I’m expected to be at the top of my game all the time. I couldn’t afford to chance it. One of my friends suggested CBD oil massage and so I gave it a try and believe me, it was a game-changer.”

Of course, in recent years it has come to light that CBD oil is not just beneficial to humans but has been shown to potentially benefit animals too. Alpha Therapeutics has not ignored this fact and it has also released an organic CBD oil for dogs.

Although there are no formal studies that have yet been finalized on how CBD oil can affect or help dogs there is anecdotal evidence from dog owners themselves. Overall, they have suggested that it is beneficial in treating their pets’ pain and especially useful when it is neuropathic pain. It also appears to be helpful in controlling seizures for some pets. Clinical studies are ongoing within the USA to hopefully arrive at how CBD can best be used to treat them. The American Kennel Club, for example, is currently sponsoring a study on CBD massage oil to see how it can be used to help treatment-resistant epileptic dogs.

A spokesperson for Alpha Therapeutics said, “We have an absolute commitment to quality and consistency and to ensure that we only produce triplicate tested CBD oils. What this means for doctors, healthcare professionals, vets, and other customers are that they can be assured that not only will they get the quality they want this time, but that quality will be the same the next time.”


For more information about Alpha Therapeutics LLC, contact the company here:

Alpha Therapeutics LLC
Geoff Dada
(833) 257-4279
10599 N Tatum
Suite F-156
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

ReleaseID: 60033690

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